• Gian Dharam

Healing Oceans Devotions June20th-July20th Cancer New Moon To Cancer New Moon, Moon Cycle Prayer

Octopus, Mothers Maternal, Care Givers of the Great Sway, Visioning Our New Worlds Way. Honesty & Trust, A Loving Face, Smiling Grace, A Glowing Auric Human Race.

Aura - Lantern Green, Blue & Red Purples Our Future Cosmic Unforeseen.

Chakra's 4 to 7 Heart to Crown, Experiencing A Sea Made of Sound, Intelligence of the Heart Profound!

Mother Octopus nourishes & trusts the future the children behold. Passing all that she embodies, her wisdom, her grace, her body and her life, a remembrance of pathways for the children to live a happy life. Even her bodies wisdom embodied nourishes the youth sweet & rich for strong bodies to grow, live and give. Like spider, Father also gives his life, his spirit to the mother for the children's future pursuit.

Eight Limbs - Four winds, directions & four elements weaving with all the sounds of nature profound. Atmosphere, rivers, lakes and ocean, lava's and lands, sky to cloud, beneath cosmic sands. A world renewed by our love and gentle hands.

Sunday June 28th half moon in Libra (Air) Atmosphere, clear air. Breath of Life. That which binds us all and connects us as one living breathing organism :) The Force is all around us and within us!

Planetary Yoga Together.

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