• Gian Dharam

Healing Oceans Devotions July 20th New Moon in Cancer. Mahina(Moon) Prayers Visions & Wishes. Within

The Smiling Otter; Poem...

Beautiful rays of drip drop life, rains pitter patter twinkle toes 

Great Toad crocks beneath rainbows  

Purity clear crystal light spreading fingers feathers tips floating to flight

Blooming love and joy ruff and raw a swooping paw a flashing shadow a sharp claw

Nick knack tick tack a cat jumps upon a Herons back 

Blue and white winds wands of night

Born of darkness

Etheric juices

Aka's womb

Immortal life

Blood and Birth

Death through Firth

Serpents skin alls a kin nothing ends or ever begins 

A narrow inlet of the sea, a flowing river, an estuary

Wiggle waggle entangled untangled constant an array of infinite channels spectrum's spangled

Times perfection molded, sculpted and chiseled 

Creation sounds of a fizzling fizzle

Spouting frothing gurgling water, all is buoyant giggles the smiling Otter xoxo

Confirms the Brazilian Pygmy Gecko


Being Kind & understanding focusing on healing rather then disease is the way of the Rainbow Human Beings Rising. We are all a part of something much bigger then us!

"Create good things and tell story of each other in wellness". Mahalo Nui Loa, Sat Nam, Namaste, Aho, Omen... Oneness is who we are. Many Blessings of Life to one another...


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