• Gian Dharam

Healing Oceans Devotion June20th-July20th Cancer New Moon to Cancer New Moon. PrayerMahina-CycleFull

Happy Full Moon in Capricorn & Lunar Eclipse 9:32pm - 9:44pm PST

Aura - Ivory Unicorn Whale of the Ocean (Kanaloa). Hearing, Seeing, Feeling, Knowing Creation, Growing; ("Presence Is All We Can Be") into a vast universe. So very small thriving upon and being a part of a much larger Being alive, and yet so very large living from the presence of a center hidden deep within light as a feather, all connected form no matter the size. Whispers of there Wisdom Forever Alive.

Chakra's 8,9,10 & 11... (8-Auric Field, Auric Sensory) (9-Subtle Field, Essence Awareness) (Radiant Field, Cosmic Conduit) (11-Field of Oneness, Awareness of a Higher Self)

The Legendary Narwhal (Nar-whale) have two front teeth in which one of them grows continuous spiraling out forward from the upper front lip forming there magnificent Unicorn Tusk. 10 Feet Long Sensory Capability - 10 Million Nerve Endings throughout there entire body connecting serge through there Ivory horn of majesty amplifying there sounds of unique elemental reverberation announcing there ocean dialect from the very pin point of there "union-horn" sounding!

A New World of Unconditional Love & Peace is Rising Now & Forming!

The Narwhal is Known to large rivers entering the Sea as well as the Deep Ocean. Speaking Winds and Waters with the Narwhal, They Tell The Story. The Sacred Way of The Great Sway. The Narwhal lives through four stages of coloring Blue Grey, Blue Black, Mottled Grey, to Nearly White. "Life Real is True and Bright".

Tell Story, creatively, positively, inclusively, naturally & lovingly without limitations that do not serve us anymore :)

Saturday July 4th/2020 Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Earth Pyramid Wisdom

Mahalo Nui Loa; Gratitude Profound & Eternal.

Planetary Yoga

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