• Gian Dharam

Healing Oceans Devotion June20th-July20th Cancer BlackMoon to Cancer BlackMoon. Mahina Prayer's Heal

Sting Rays Mindfulness "Mercury Direct" - Connection is Intelligence and this takes place first, within our hearts. Sting Rays embody living within an eternal moment never ending always tuned in. They Listen and honer her, the environment in which they live, all living creatures about, from the moment they came into life to there moment of union; Kanaloa, The great sway. Every picture you will find of these ocean friends is responsive and expressive towards there encounter :)

Aries Fiery Waning Half Moon - Sting Rays Phoenix's Fires Tails Stinging sounding creations ringing... "Healthy" Boundaries, mindfulness and a great inexplicable love and care for all things. Black Moon Prayers to our mother healing and returning to "her" glory of a never ending flow of life abundance... Thank you! Mahalo Nui Loa Forever.

Gratitude to all life living, we are amazing :)

Aura - Red, Green to Indigo, Orange on through to blue & Red hues of purple trues.

Rainbow Aura Honer, a Magic Spectrum of Miracles Occurring...

Push & Pull, Shway & Sway, Tui & La, Yin & Yang; The Tides are turning towards our cosmic Lands

Ask your heart first, then ask for your minds assistance and listen to your stomach as you go. Know Thy Self. You are infinitely beautiful...

Respect within presence requires intelligence which begins at the heart willing to listen and connect in the moment. Do not become careless or UN-thoughtful with others. We all have our limits! This is when it's important to take the time we need. It's OK to say; "I am taking sometime for myself" :)

Just Be You :)

Do you :)

Thank U

Humbled... Always

Planetary Yoga Together

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