• Gian Dharam

Happy New Year, New Moon & New Beginnings Upon A New Earth. The Pale One In Silvers Light Returning.

We are the Fire Keepers of Sacred Light responsible for rekindling the fires of clear mind & right relationship in these changing times. The teachers of starlight, moonlight, firelight, dawn light & sun light renewing the community of the Sacred Hoop Of Life. The children of the fifth generation were given special duties by their elders to rekindle the sacred wisdom fire by inviting the people to see the effects of our thoughts and actions upon the earth, upon ourselves, upon one another and future generations.

The Fifth World, Humanities Fifth Generation.

We invite people now to be in good fellowship and to respect the teachings of each others family choices. Thus may we all cooperate in manifesting a vision of peace of a greater harmony then known before.

The Teachings At Planetary Yoga; Are of a foundational level suitable for all people of any religion or nationality committed to peace and good relationship in a growing Fellowship Upon Mother Earth & Galactic Communities. My hope is that you are inspired and will inspire others to right relations in right action that will benefit all beings truly now and in the future.

Start Your Evolution today with Gian!

Fanning The Flames Of Truth Keeping The Fires Of Wisdom Burning.

Thank You To Photographer Jayne Primeau For Sharing...

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