• Gian Dharam

Happy Black Moon Aquarius Chinese New Year Celebration - The Rat

Rat's are incredibly cooperative resourceful animals. They are kind and sensitive, empathetic and caring towards one another by nature. They share, making sure everyone among the pack is fed. They groom one another bringing connection and good feelings among the crowd. Despite any belief of these animals being unclean do to there presence in toxic environments humans have created, they are actually one of the cleanliness little creatures, even neat and tidy. In nature, they organize there own environments full of rich fragrances, mosses, lichens, tree sap, dried berries, tree beard, and more in there little earth homes full of senses, comfort, resting area and good edibles. They do not harm each other or cannibalize one another when injured or dying. As a group, they show a good sense of awareness of there surrounding environment, maintain balance among them selves and support the equilibrium of the mother habitat nurturing all life.

Perhaps there greatest strength is there keen sense of smell with the unique extraordinary sniffer they have been gifted. Just follow your nose, it always knows!

They carry the ability through sent to instantly know what is good for there body and being and what is not to be left for natures devise. They are truly natures masters at scavenging and wild dinning of the most delightful form. Have you seen Ratatouille? They are great chief's, so don't ever miss an opportunity when invited in.

Happy Celebration Chinese New Year 2020 The Year of the Rat! World Community in honor of our animal kingdom, it's wisdom and how there essence may lead our way in harmony for the next seven generations. In Honor of all Ancestral Tribes way of life.

New moon is the black moon. A Fertile space of etheric substance, an earth state subtle, connected to all things. Dream, Prayer and festivities to all. In our star map of Aquarius may all new light come forth! Amama, Ua Noa

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