• Gian Dharam

Hail Pollination, sap suckers of all colored bellies, wild Bees, trails of ether, pollen rainbow ski

Happy New Moon Mahina Celebration. 7:45pm tonight Hail all Pollination. Envision!

Bumble and Honey Bees, sap sucking birds of colored bellies and all insects who's feet and wing spring the magic dust of life force forward. Golden Aura ether, eternal bliss.

Samadhi - Bliss into oneness with all things.

Introduction to Taoist Tai Chi - The Flow of joy in Trusting in one another and all things listening to our united Joyful Buzz Harmonizing.

Special Class Offering to a new earth beginning.

This Friday April 24th, 11am to 12:12pm - Lakeside Park, Nelson B.C. at the Brick Labyrinth near the Tennis courts. Bring head cover & gloves. Stay warm

By Donation - 72min OUTDOORS!

Special Class Event - An offering to all creation in honor to those who bring the life force, our translucent holographic colorful mystical flying friends of millions filling the skies in transformation of life in celebration of pure abundance returning. We offer you our beautiful movement of elegance in oneness dancing the joy we hear as you buzz your flying wings. May we flow with you and this great movement. Love and Gratitude

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