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Green Algae Upon GhostPipeFish. Perspective Humans Being. We single cell Organisms; You 30 Trillion

Seeing in a smaller dimension. Algae Is Single Cell Organism that have the ability to conduct photosynthesis. We, in the microscopic world are alive in this dimension and have a intimate purpose, a roll that life it's self, creation has called upon us; to be and live, in service to support other life within the interconnected web, many links in a chain, are Sacred Golden Hoop of Life. All Are Connected & have the Ability to Commune Within.

We all came from the light. Vitamin D, Father Suns Radiation Birthed us all and has never been harmful! One can have to much like anything :) Outdoors keeps you healthy. The bacteria in the air our living earth produces keeps you healthy...

Algae Messenger; We are single cell organisms, you humans are thirty trillion cell organisms. We have purpose in this living dimension you can only observe and reflect for your own dimension. "Observe Life Living In The Forms It Takes All Around You"...

You cannot learn anything about your own living biology by observing a small saliva sample or blood sample of yourselves through a microscope :) Giggles Algae by the Trillions & Trillions... It is no longer part of the living biological being that you are and is now dying, on it's way out... Your Body is changing constant from moment to moment at this level of creation with all the earths environment around you as it is changing constant in oneness; a deep breath in & out. You must feel, think & "Live" for yourself :) Moment to moment your whole life! Isn't this wonderful & Amazing :) Blessings & Gratitude Eternal right?

So what do you think is being looked at through a microscope? Perspective!

Algae Messenger Urges Every Human to Consider; you are no longer observing that of which is still part of the living creation eternal present & primal in which we are all a part and are quite literally trying to sit upon the seat of creation. Gods Throne... When trying to isolate a virus. An Isolated perspective...

There is no control we possess and no threatening virus to Human Kind!

For Thousands of Years of Humanities History, we have studied Cadavers & Observed Life as it is Living and been able to decipher the useful practical information from each!

Do not abandon reason, your memory & common sense... Thank you...

Look into one another's eye's; skin tone, complexion, if a little run down, or have a cold, a warm cup of lemonade and rest will knock out any virus within a healthy immune system :) Remember how your mother looked after you and cared for you when you had a cold. Look after one another please. Take care of each other. Planetary Yoga...

Lemons... Limes, Raw Honey, Boil fresh Ginger, A Little Cayenne Pepper will knock out any Virus ;) Love All Around The World...

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