• Gian Dharam

Great Blue Heron Mountains Art Walk Tribute Spirit Animal Messenger. Holding Blue Feathers Being Red

Being Red Is Being A Part Of What Is Wild... This is the feeling of connection with mother nature. The Blue & Red Roads Are One. Nature is Gods creation above ours, a force that is real and alive & connection is listening to this presence of all life breathing together. Listening is a greater feeling with intrinsic connection to all living within there surroundings. Your Aura & The Environment Around You, Even Our Entire Planet & Cosmos. Many in these times feel this connection and long for peace once again to feel held safe by creation's Mother Earth & Father Cosmos forces, there powers in reverence united by this feeling alone above any of our collective constructs. Many are feeling the Red Ancestor within and may dought themselves because they do not perceive they poses a Red Body. A Connected Spirit With All Life Eternal Beautiful & Cosmic...

Home is not just movable dwellings or belongings in our tribal nature, but rather our connection to Mother Earth, Each Other & Great Spirit... Creation, Cosmos, God...

"One Flame" :)

Everything Else, We Share without Absolute Within The Cycle Of Life Held Sacred By All.

We, The Two Legged, Are The Rainbow Beings From The Heavens Spectrum; to bring balance within ourselves and our world community for harmony among all sentient life.

One Tribe Upon Mother Earth IN Harmony, Happy & So Joyful. Wealthy In Connection...

We Are All Red People, Rainbow Beings, Planetary Yoga, Cosmic Yoga, Universal Love... Gratitude, Love & Thank You... One Love, One Flame... New Beginnings, Happy New Year.

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