• Gian Dharam

Galactic Movement Cycling Ages Spiraling Growing Evolving A Cosmic Membrane Of The Consciousness Aum

Happy Equinox... The Suns Returning. Equilibrium And A Healthy Morality. An Equality Of Humanity Rising... Satya Yuga

The Golden Age. The Known Universe We Are. So much to be, experience and feel gratitude for. So much to discover together ... Treta Yuga "divine magnetism". Group Meditation Upon The Heart Vortex (Vortex Math Nikola Tesla) ... Following Your Heart Is Essential. Imagination Is The Kindling For Passion & Creativity With A Healthy Morality!

Study & Experience Tapas! Also Develop In Your Consideration Of Confucianism & Non-selfishness.

A very old deception, a stale state has been lifted and can be fully exposed and healed leaving our world now free to begin fresh a new by focusing upon what truly "matters" together! Presence of our true history, connection with spirit & age of Grandfather Sun. Kali is long over by our Suns vibration, light frequency & Position In The Galaxy, Age... Yuga. What this means is balance, liberation, Freedom & Evolution. A new unwritten beginning, an uncharted or fathomed sense of unity in healing, health & wellness & understanding of our maternal mother earth & renewed collective reverence for our solar system, galaxy & Cosmos.

There are many practical steps to take, changes that are already occurring & changes we will wish to make together in collective vision, communication, understanding & harmony. Happy Healthy Holy Humanity... We have some catching up to do!

Planetary Yoga...

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