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Full Month Of Turkeys Gratitude. Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude For Each Other, Life & Mother Earth

Appreciate one another. Believe in each other. Enjoy all life offers, our beautiful Universe. Our Mother Earth. This month together around our world, we are dreaming our new year to come together moving towards our winter solstice (Northern Hemisphere). Prayers from down south to help us out (Southern Hemisphere). Stay positive and full of hope. Celebrate life's abundance. Eat & drink healthy, dance, sing, art, festivities, nourished spirits & full belly's :) Joyfulness & Wellness...

A Full Month Of Divine Gratitude... Around The Globe... Turkey Gobbles...

Top 50 Puzzling Ancient Ruins That Scientists, Archaeologists and Historians Are Still Debating

YouTube... For Your Study Time...

Inspiration for new ways of beginning & being in a new world together.

Change is in the air :)

Receiving & Giving. Taking Care Of One Another. Looking After Each Other Well...

Humble Humility & Personal Independence within the flocks Interdependence...

Planetary Yoga...

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