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Presence is where all magic happens, all new discovery takes place and where all ancient secrets abide. Winters Presence, the time of the seasons, One Breath Eternal. There Is Only Ever The Living Moment. One Moment Is There Only For Ever...

Fox Medicine in acute presence is there Camouflage & Integration into Oneness...

Presence is Fox Medicine Mastery...

Presence with spiritual vision is the secret recipe in leading one on a path of "Spiritual Liberation"; Mentally Monkey Mind, Emotionally Distraught and the Physiological Pain Body... All of it! Transformation & renewal opening of the mind, the heart and the body constant to new beginnings sentient to all living life.

A new way of living, feeling, seeing, hearing and being for humanity whispers Fox...

Presence is the perfect window and mirror upon the eternal now where all things may be revealed to the innocent seeker or dreaming willing to face the present moment, the daily universal wisdom blessed upon us all... We are together in this...

I bow to the infinite wisdom of the Universe.

I bow to the divine teacher within.

Daily... Presence Is The Higher Love,

Planetary Yoga... One More Messenger Coming This Month...

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