• Gian Dharam

Fox Beyond Culture, Race, Color, Economy Or Laws Its Time To Understand Dimension, Realms & Planes.

Fox Speaks & Yelps Of Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Awareness Rising Ears. This Is The Way Through The Spiral Into Other Worlds Of Deeper Understanding & Broader Vision Widening The Lenses. A Spiritual Aware Society.

Working over the forge of self control, the goldsmith of patients pounds the hammer of wisdom upon the anvil of deep understanding with bellows of awe and reverence, he fans the flames of the bodies inner heat In the crucible of love he melts the golden nectar and mints the true coin of the word.

These are the labors that will lead the two legged to a greater peace & harmony where both hidden prosperity of earths primal truths lie & truths of an eternal essence within...

Study Your Spirituality & Self Love This Winter Through Self Care With Planetary Yoga.

Thank You To Photographer Jonatan Pie.

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