• Gian Dharam

Egg/Larva/Pupa/Chrysalis/Metamorphosis/Cocooning Transformation/Rainbow Humans Gift Of Manifestation

Aura - Indigo Purple Third Eye. Rainbow Vision Center Elemental Conduct. We & our world are more then just what we see. Eye's closed Breathing, what is Visioning in your feeling of Being. Meditation. Studying The Language of Light; Vibration.

Transformation & Manifestation - Gratitude & Abundance - Releasing & Re-Birthing, all carry one another connected. Life can be renewed & lived in new ways. There is more to the universe then just Physical Life and other journeys await us! Butterfly's Medicine

Luminous Beings are we, not just prude matter - Yoda

One Class to Follow Remaining

Taoist Tai Chi - Planes of Movement and the Bodies Energy

This Tuesday June 16th, 11am-12:12pm - Lakeside Park, Nelson B.C. at the Brick Labyrinth near the Tennis courts.

Bring Water Ready Shorts & Towel, head cover & gloves. Stay warm!

By Donation - Animal Form Inspired - Spring Element - Butterfly Essence

The Hatching of an Egg, a Larva Crawling Caterpillar Pupa Crystallizing Chrysalis Cocooning Living Silk, Metamorphosis & Transformation. Imago, Rainbow Butterfly's Iridescence Magic of Manifestation! Grow and Change Continually into Creation :)

"May A New Way of Life on Earth Begin". May The Forces Be Heard.

We are all Rainbow Human Beings of all time. May we love together; A New Earth Way.

In The Art Form of Way Finding All Together. Beautiful We Are!


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