• Gian Dharam

Dream the Dream Rainbow Spectrum Beltane Full Moon Fire Festival - Paint vision of Future together.

May we practice dreaming together at this time in this great pause. Love & Gratitude.

Aura Red Light - Lizard is always in the state of "Dream" Knowing father sky through the deep feeling of a maternal heart throb of all things living; Listening close to Mother Earth. "You are free here to dream your dream". Include everyone in your visions of creative beauty, the whole world as they are a part of you, all hands held together expanding your thoughts a little to this connection. We are each others reflection in the dream world lizard reveals in which we are all really just seeing another part of ourselves in each other. Have you ever sat down and painted a vision together on paper literally? How much fun would this be to try out?

Allowance / Surrender are the key words in contemplation to remaining in the Dream. Silence as a guideline, a space to return to for the whole group when needed is a powerful tool for success in dreaming together. Patients and tolerance well holding full responsibility for ones own emotions in every moment is the equation for the dream. For Lizard, every action must come from a place of warmth hearten feelings from within to inspire the movement. This is the place from within to begin painting together. Big smile on Lizard, now wonder why they move so slow? What an astonishing little creature. This is probably where they learned how to change color at will? The only rules here in dream, is that everything is free to explore that of its will, though nothing is permitted to cause senseless harm to anything else for any reason or our dream state together may not remain. Lizard knows how small he is in the face of the living creation! The key words here in contemplation are communion (communication) and respect. No blame or attachment to how the vision actually will turn out. Just creating, learning (experiencing), gratitude and continually moving forward together close to one another through this common bond in the miracle of life. Wonder and Imagine; Mahalo Nui Loa

Approaching this coming Wednesday May 6th/2020 - Allowance / Surrender & Communion / Respect. True Love for each other.

Slowly moving changing color, we are all learning of each other, living upon a giant mother.

May we practice dreaming together at this time in this great pause. Love & Gratitude.

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