• Gian Dharam

Dragons Full Moon-Lost In History? When Logic Or Truth Do Not Answer; Lore & Myth Will Tell The Tale

Where all paths linger, when truths become empty, when your fear and despair disappear, then the myth of lore will reappear answering all your prayer.

Balance & Healing Realigning Renewing Life Force... See Magic

The Sun Is Entering A New Age In Its Life Force and Earth Is Awakening

The Stars Shine Brighter & So Speaks Thy Weather

Wind, Waters, Fires Upon Earths Creek Lightning Strikes

Skies Weep & Lava Gurgles Within Oceans Deep

The Aquarius Dragons Linger Within The Elements Drawn To This Full Moons Light

A Growing Magnetic Magnitude Of Universal Sight

Two Star Lit Eye's Glow ( Where You Are ) Within The Darkness Of Shadow

Upon This Full Moons Night

Within This Glow The Long Scaly Jaw Is Revealed Where All Knowledge Is Concealed

A Dragons Jaw Moves Sounding The Spoken Word & All Wisdom Is Revealed

Unlimited Luminous Beings, Co-Creators The Dragon Speaks


HA HA HA; Riddles Riddles, Words Hold Power, Yet Their So Fickle

The Serpents Eyes Meet Yours; Reflection Of Soul, Feeling Your Joy, A Blissful Moment

You Hear Your Breathing, You Hear Peace; Feel, Listen, Live, Be! Slow Down...

"You Understand"

By Gian Dharam.

From & For The Dragons... When tipping the scale of balance upon a planet...

Dragons Speaks: You have plundered the ocean floors of the building block creatures of life. You have ravished the forests baring the mountains. You have created great toxins/chemicals and desecrated the waters of life! You have created impure sources of energies! You have been lazy in your mindfulness towards the planet & cosmos.

Stop Now! Find Your Magic! Live For The Benefit Of All Life Once Again...

Gratitude For All Dragons Roar Fire!

Sacred Geometry - The Elements - A Language Of Vision Of A Whole Universe!

All Waters, Soils & Air Can & Will Be Renewed! Help Us Grow :)

Planetary Yoga - Big Mahalo Nui for this creative artists feeling...

Happy Dragons Full Moon... Hope Over Despair! Live Well & Forever In Consciousness...

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