• Gian Dharam

Dragon's Veins. Common Name; Devils Club Is One Of Many Forgotten Integral Forest Foods & Medicines

Thank You Joy Danis & Rose Petro for continuing the inspirational awakening unfolding of our forgotten Plant Worlds Great Wisdom. The Essentials for healthy communion among the flora & fauna. May all seeds and plant knowledge among the roots of all traditional people of Mother Earth be remembered, and may this magic be shared among all humans "beeing" freely and productively for nature and all Mother Earths living creatures a like... The Dream Way Village Ecology...

Russia 2004 - Ketzel Levine reports. The Tlingit have turned to devil's club for a list of ailments you wouldn't wish on an enemy: from coughs and colds to stomach ulcers, tuberculosis and hypoglycemia. Tribe members steep it into teas, mash it into salves, chew, sip and steam it. It's also used to ward off evil within ourselves!

Right Relations - Planetary Yoga. Gratitude, Thank You, I Love You. Forever Human

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