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Diving Deep-King Fisher-World Youth-Youthful Organizations for Equality&Environment-Our Inspiration!

Gratitude for World Change and all that we are moving through together... Gratitude for One Another... We guide each other by staying in the current and gratefulness...

Throat Chakra Blue Light - Speak Truth and not fright... We need each other... All of us together... May we Slow Down... May government around our world, become more open and the people to hear them, vice versa and may we find balance together. May we support each other and have no fear in doing so...

Diving Deep and walking our talk among one another integral... Gratitude...

Planetary Yoga thanks; World Climate change Organization, Greta Thunberg You Go Greta, Berlin!, Save Cottonwood Lake, World Food Program, Wet'suwet'en Traditional's, Fridays For Future Oz all over our globe, All natural Organic Farming, Stop Ecocide International, Gambia Youth Biodiversity Network, Ocean Defenders, Kootenay Mushroom Forum, Stop 5G Nelson, My community and all communities around the world..., West Kootenay EcoSociety, Sinixt First Nation, All Logging Blockades world wide, All those standing in protest for Freedom of Speech and Equality, All those in efforts to clean our oceans, rivers and atmosphere... All Animal Protectors, Those brave enough to step forward in healing modalities setting president in our awakening world for new beginnings, To those brave enough to speak of advanced technologies, to study sacred geometry and magnetism learning of nature and becoming closer to our planet..., To those moving towards plant based diet's, Ocean Canada, Those in Government bringing awareness and helping others everywhere possible, So many more... All Life Appreciated, Admired and Respected... All Sentient; Planetary Yoga...

Remember, Judgement is futile and only reveals our illusions and opportunity for reflection on both sides for growth and unity, and to return to the present moment together... We are always creating our experiences together... Gratitude for our lives and how precious we all are... The divine and our earth are both real and one of the same... Union among all things... World Peace Today...

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