• Gian Dharam

Divine Leadership Lectures - Time For Our Rainbow World Community Rising In Love Together Love Stand

This is an informative discussion in presence with today's world and well informed with most current events. Involved with many organizations across the globe in relationship with Mother Nature, the environments we live in and our relationship towards our climate. Now is the time for new roots to take hold in our earth in relationship to our world community. Now is the time for “great change” in regards to our relationships to each other, our evolving humanity, how we live upon earth and the true meaning of living and growing in the right relationship. How we view what is called production and how it serves us currently as a global community. A new balanced financial economy for the basic trades of goods and services for each other's well being, good fortune and health.

True Leadership is one that is Listening Deeply and aims to teach & continue to learn themselves, the art of providing and sharing the teachings that will help others do the same!

Living well, continuing the joy & happiness together.

Holistic technologies and current evolving sciences that focus upon creations forces that birth life are also presented revealing new facts & inspirations.

There will be a Question & Answer Space Among Us. A Communion Following The Presentation.

To inquire;

Contact Gian planetarypilatesyoga@gmail.com Arrange A Call Time For Further Discussion

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