• Gian Dharam

Deer, the Gentlest Gaze, a Warm Caring Presence, Creations Heart Beat, the Faithful Space of Grace.

Introduction to Taoist Tai Chi - Planes of Movement and the Bodies Energy

This Tuesday May 19th, 11am to 12:12pm - Lakeside Park, Nelson B.C. at the Brick Labyrinth near the Tennis courts. Bring head cover & gloves. Stay warm!

By Donation - Animal Form Inspired - Spring Element - Deer Essence

Aura - Emerald, the Light of pure love's Gentleness.

Heart Frequency - The heart space of all Creation. In Deer's heart space standing together in presence, we may feel such a peace, "in a instant", a comfort washes over our bodies and we may feel, hear a little voice speaking gently, an inner trust lingering. Continuing to trust this gentle feeling listening, a faith is bore of both sides in Life and Death. The dark shading with white speckling upon little fawn reveals this wisdom emerging from within as the coloring's fade from there coats in Growing. Deer see's the benefit in both there own light and shadow and which direction furthers there personal growth. The fortitude / Foundation of faith that exists in this regard within the gentle state of this magnificent little being awakens the wicked and softens and heals even the most hardened of hearts helping one return to love. When standing there with Deer, she may come close and sniff you, touching you with her damp little nose. With your own inner trust and gentleness, you may reach out slowly Stoking deer gently. Perhaps ;)

Gentleness Within our Form Moving Together :)

Within the Art-Form of "your nature". 72min OUTDOORS!

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