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Cuttlefish Shade Shifting Metamorphosis Clairvoyance. We Are All; The Light Of All Forms Oneness Hug

Shift Shading Messenger From Oceans Deep. Appreciation Much, We Hope You Feel Here Together. Much Gratitude We Share For All Of You. World Love Hugs Needs Much...

Deepening Falls Shamanic Journey & global communion with Gian Dharam in service to Planetary Yoga.

Gian has walked over 400km since October 2020 began (Pictures of the worn holey boats on FB Gian Dharam). Prior to this 6 week intended journey that continues now into Novembers ending, Gian has been on a similar trend for some space of time now vast in it's distance over an 8 year span.

Gian now openly expresses after much integration, their can be known to us in our world, such a thing as spirit walking where there is a vast source of information and education available for ones personal growth. This is also a very good and healthy way to discover Mother Earth & Nature where one may never stop learning :)

Australian Aboriginal Family Across The Desert Lands, Sailing Seas Under Stars thunder Cloud Lightning & Sun Polynesian Way Finding Ocean Family, Celtic Roots Fairy Gnome Forests Enchanted, Veda or Vedas & Varda Awakening to Memory, Ancient Harmonious Earth Cosmos Technology harnessing natural forces & Energies of a life giving nature, again "Harmonious" with all life forms. Pyramids upon earth nodes of Mother Gaia Fertility, Golden Peaceful Ages Of Human Civilization Of A Beauty Only Time IN Universal Harmony Can Provide... Planetary Yoga...

If you have truly feel inspired here with Gian and you are feeling your own life force arise, believe you have been journeying with Gian, animal guides, or higher appointments with oneness... Please Continue...

The Shamanic Heart Field is a Living Open Door Way Throughout Time & Space & Dimensional Portal Among Living Beings in Communion...

Much Focus Is There in Learning...

If you feel inspired to support Gian with Planetary Yoga, these humble endeavors in gratitude for our creation. Please do not hesitate :)

Gian welcomes your support, love & friendship. Inspiration of all forms :) Help in our collective simplicity is most welcome, eternally grateful for every moment; gratitude from Gian... If you wish to support Gian some, at this time; his e-mail is below.

Mahalo Nui Loa... The Journey...


e-mail transfers, PayPal, Money Grams, ETC...

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Gian Dharam
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