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Cuttlefish, CosmicCuddlier, Cosmic Lover, Light Linguist Spiritual Awakening, Oneness. Light of All

The Language Of Light. Everyone hold hands. See one another as human. See the other human being as you. Communication takes time. Learning takes our time. Loving is our highest joy. The Journey. We are each others reflection. We must understand each other through compassion or you will misunderstand 0ne another and the times.

"Vibrate Your Cosmos" & The Cosmos Shall Clear The Path. Live well with our Mother Earth, "She Will Always Support Us". There is a way through every block, only solutions, no problems! When the time is upon us to change, we must begin the change together and the pressure will move its self. Believe in each other. Love everything, everyone everywhere as best you can. Be gentle with yourself and others, laugh, trust, take care and love yourself well...

Well you are studying us, we are patterning a light show that will pull you into wonder metamorphosing towards oneness throughout ones being giggles the Cuttlefish.

Love Bugs giggles Cuttlefish.

Our Little Friend, May Very Well Be Neptunian :) Cosmic Oneness...

Our Cosmic Cuddle - Hold Hands - Hug... Needs Must We Do This Children We All Are...

The Light Linguist, The Language of Light Teacher, Shade Shifter, Ocean Messenger, Cosmic Cuddler. Higher Love Is Your Best Caring...

We are the light of all forms says the Cuttlefish Light Shifting Transparency Holographic Universe Soaring Throughout The Abyss... Giggles :)

Planetary Yoga... Together...

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Gian Dharam
Humanity and the Natural World.
Returning to Oneness.

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