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Cosmic Tortoise The Deeper You Travel Into The Earth, The More You Will Hear Sounding; The Universe.

Tortoise Urges The Two Legged To Slow Things Down...

Connect yourself to the Earth, root your body deep deep down...

Listening, Remembering, A Cosmic Chorus Resonance Rebirth

Approaching Octobers Blue Moon Fullest of Firth...

Drum Drum Drum into Rhythm

Existence is Vibration is the Vision...

The Deeper Into The Earth We Go

The More We Will Remember We've Known...

Approaching a rare full Blue Moon in Taurus, October 31stm 2020; Great Mystic Magic upon Us :) Dream Dream Dream... Vision Vision Vision...

Happy Prayer, Remembrance, Celebration, Gratitude, Planetary Yoga Happy Dude :)

Turtle Power...

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