• Gian Dharam

Contact Gian For Pleiadian Pilates Upon A Lake Shore Front In British Columbia, Turtle Island Today!

Study Pilates, The Chakra's, Astronomy and much more with wisdom walker Gian Dharam also known as Horsetail Underfoot Upon a Lake Shore within the mountains of British Columbia These upcoming seasons :)

Open To Our Connection... Planetary Yoga... (250)-505-9628


In this regard, "please call" if you have any questions and feel you need support! I will be happy to speak with you among the many changes and constant integration we fore go living our lives. Positive and constructive conversation upon nutrition, exercise, personal knowledge & growth, spiritual clarity, yoga, meditation and so forth...

Fully Open For Business... No Masks! Let's Strengthen Our Immunity. Seniors who have a cold are ask to wait until they feel well. Our phone line is open to support you in your upliftment and personal wellness at this time...

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