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Consciousness Throughout the Darkness of Night. In Silent Flight, Libra's Balance Occurs. Wisdom Owl

New Moon Owl; Who Who Who are You??? To Fly in Owls feathers. To See through Owls Eye's, Ones Heart must be Strong to understand & realize. When Feeling Faint, Take a Deep Breath...

Owls eyes see what is unseen, clear as day in darkness...

Owls ear hears the unspoken... Fly with Owl;

Your Eye's, Ears and Hearts "Shell" (Listen Inside) Open...

Owl is the very essence of Wisdom. A knowing. A feeling remaining close to truth eternal

Among all things, Time and Space, This Earth Remains a Mystical Place all Powerful...

In your hearts remains...

Remember Witch Wizard, Remember... By Brandi Woolf 2017 & Gian Dharam 2020

A collaborative poem within our space and time oneness...

Take your feathers, pebbles, leaves and bones.

Add them to your roots, your stones.

Mix them upon your fire wheels throne or cauldron's womb.

Dance for rain, snow, lightning and thunder and add this too.

To this potion of your notion, your time is now, each heartbeat rings true.

Remember Witch Wizard, Remember...

You Know the way, you know the song.

You've walked this path many lives long.

Drumbeat sounding, heartbeat pounding.

The ones before you, love resounding.

With every turn of season, planet, moon, star and galaxy twirl.

Like the rolling of a stone, or counter clockwise motion of spoon earths swirl.

You chant the words, you hum the tune, intention furrow

Rippling reflection within cauldrons void, great lakes wake, vision within worlds.

Remember Witch Wizard, Remember...

The Stars are out, your feet are Bare.

Your Arms are raised into the Air.

No one told you what to do.

You know the way, the way knows you!

So let it go, release it down.

Heart, Blood and Bones to the ground...

Remember Witch Wizard, Remember,

Who Who Who You Are...

The Earths Spirit is Big & Alive and "we" are small.

Co-creators, your late history is miss-guiding All.

Change, their is enough room, abundance and enjoyment for all.

This is your Fall, Autumn, Abundance to share...

Planetary Yoga Shamanic Journeying...

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