• Gian Dharam

Consciousness, Conceive! The Paper Of This Century! Modern Observational Sciences Instruments & More

What Modern Observational Sciences and the modern instruments used in there discoveries may have you considering "for yourself", that the big news virus that has spread through the common media around the world: "As something that does not even exists"? It's a flu that has nothing to do with the mainstream narrative and titles given to the common cold for obvious financial gain within the pharmaceutical Industry (W.H.O.) (P.H.O.) and political manipulation over government & population world wide. This is important for all to understand... How geneticists view cellar biology is the observation of dying biology and that of an extraction from the fuller living and whole organism as creation itself has formed it! It is not an honest observation of living creation and in turn, is not a correct scientific approach (Does objective reality exist?). This has been going on throughout history for thousands of years actually. Science through the observation of dead biology and science by the honest observation of life as it is, whole in the environment that creation has designed perfectly for life to flourish. This can be explained further you see... When you take a little piece of something and pull it away from its host, the fuller organism. It will not last! It is either cooled for observation later or examined right away. Now here's the kicker! At this point the greater and more accurate science that is taking place between the living biology in this instance is; The observer's electromagnetic field, biosphere, aura is much stronger then the little cell or cells being observed. Stating that it is under the observers very own electromagnetic field, biosphere, aura's influence and so the following has been termed many many times before in many fields of science throughout our human history: You cannot discount the observers conscious influence in this relationship we are discussing (Micro Biology/Cellular Biology). All evidence amongst cellular senescence, modern sciences, the tools and instruments in which now there are many in alignment with the observation of creation as it is in its living functioning whole constant in a unified form reveal this phenomena. This is consistent in the observation of living interaction on all levels and scales of honest holy observational science and is unpredictable, unique in every instance in every manner of "matter". Is not creation so wonderland wonderful... You see, in the discussion we are having here; The little cell or cells being observed after being displaced from its whole and living host is actually in its dying moments giving the observer one of the most beautiful gifts creation blesses us with continually throughout our lives, and that is a perfect reflection, a mirror of the observers conscious thought directed towards the cell or cells at that moment in spacetime. That is it, no more, no less and no different then a painter's work of art. In this instance, it very well could be showing the observer whatever he presumes in that which is thought to be being explored or intended by their "own will and desire"! The cells are resonating with the observer's vibration frequency. Please consider this as it is very relevant and true! What I speak of is the starting place for our future children's "basic education"... Planetary Yoga Your cellular body is so infinitely complex in a surrounding environment even more vastly complex in its magnitude in unified movement of oneness with all things throughout creation constant in every moment throughout space & time in flux forever present and forever changing. Your own cellular body in good health is constantly regenerating. This is why 3 to 90 day cellular detox & fasting exist. In 40 Days you can completely regenerate your entire DNA! It's even in the scriptures Now? Do you believe any of us, any one of us could look through a microscope in an isolated environment at one little tiny piece of one living organism on the planet, and then look out at the rest of the world in it's vastness of diverse environmental elements and know the exact cause and effect in every moment in every instance within every living organism within every living environment in the complexity in its entirety & tell the rest in all knowing what cause & effect is in every organism in every moment? Us wee humans are so funny and this is very good to laugh at! Someone is trying to play as your GOD! Thought for Food! Gian Dharam

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