• Gian Dharam

Celebration Appreciation Fall Equinox. All We Must Do Together Is Live One Day At A Time In Presence

Creating Equality by seeing the simplicity within each others needs & organizing to assure that we are all providing one another with the basics. That open communication remains, we feel safe together and we move slowly & intuitively among our harmonious collective creations. All our current technology with our highest love and understanding can now be geared towards the well being of a united focus of our kind creating a new spacetime (time) upon our planet.

Orca Chief - No longer is their a need for your own creations to control you & us! You, we have all the abundance that will ever be needed. It is your time to become enlightened as a humanity and explore life & the universe together in a greater harmony, a greater capacity. Creation does not hoard things over it's self or upon it's self. It showers love upon all creation, all things, all life equally... Equality's Equinox!

Planetary Yoga...

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