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To Our New Age Unfolding; "The Trial Of Dreamers". Butterfly is a power of transformation, transmutation & birthing ready for change! The earths frequency rises, our suns frequency is growing as well, Changing! Equinox Spring, our universe is signalling to all life of a higher calling remembering the ancestral way of living. A time where the new remembering the times old, meet the old face to face birthing the times to come we together have all felt & imagined. Our Transformation is a time to fly, their can be no lie. All must be true as it is and free to grow to live.

Butterfly's medicine is to breath deep in rhythm balanced within the winds of creations ebbs & flows. Clarity of mind, clear mental processing assisting in undertakings free creative thinking. Emotional balance feeling open hearten ready to go throw some type of transformation involving "growth"... Growth takes place well learning, choosing the act of living...

Planetary Yoga... I feel the earths and suns power growing, change unlike before... The plants and trees are speaking, their is more life force then ever in tale of lore... Believe...

A Prayer For The World: Great Eternal Mother & Father, we have beheld the world with all its glory and suffering, pleasure and misery. We have beheld ourselves through the trials of good and evil. Now let those to whom the gods have revealed the truth, make this truth to grow so that the world may be illuminated by it; and that the children of the future may live in happiness, in the knowledge of this truth, "living wisdom" remembering together joyfully the wonder forever. Forever Humans Smiling Gracefully.

May the great spirits help this world, our consciousness to triumph over the evil, action not in accordance with life growing, freedom & wellness.

May the ancestors of all nations carry our prayers for peace and ask for blessings for those wonderfully humble and enlightened humans who have labored for years and life's given throughout our history within eternity; "to give birth to"; the concept of new beginning, a new age of humanity on earth: "The Trial Of Dreamers" Human Children's Future Free Together On Earth. Thank You...

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