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Blue Heron, Spirit, Stillness, Independence, Knowing Thy Self, Self Fulfilled & Sure, True Happiness

Great Blue Heron, Saffron's Legs & Aquamarine Grey Blues Feather & Hair. The Monks Walk Buddhism Bardo, The Shamanic Middle Worlds, The Blue Road... When your spirit fly's taking off with Heron's? Your Spirit has flown to your highest self unknowing all you have known. Eternal Flowing... You will not be the same again! Breath, Focus & Keep Flying.

Reference to the movie "Matrix"; this is the Red Pill... Higher Loves Awakening!!!

The Planet Neptune Is Going Direct! This planet increases our awareness of higher love, our higher self. The Planet Neptune Absorbs Red Light & Radiates The Most Intense Aqua Blue Light Vibrating Showering Earth with it's high frequency Ringing...

As Humans, we must first learn to Bow in this universe, to all creation and discover our true self before we may ever lead others in wellness. A discipline in what you love most! Your Silent Mastery. Discover your internal peace and inner voice holding Heron's feathers... Reverence & Understanding...

You will not witness the Great Bald Eagle & the Great Blue Heron interfering with each other or bothering one another. They are in mutual understanding... Planetary Yoga...

Penumbral Eclipse Visible over Asia, Australia, Pacific Americas 1:43am PST Nov. 30th Monday early morning... Universal Oneness... Happiness...

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Gian Dharam
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