• Gian Dharam

BlackBear Awakening Spring Spirit- TaoistTaiChi 8 week intro! Planes of Movement & the bodies energy

Leap into Spring shaking off winters wayfaring wanderings's of thought and lethargic movement during the great thawing and step-into new life's surfacing in it's beginnings. Take part, "get wet", breathing; and move deeply within natures atmosphere, eventful and insightful well balanced while allowing the crystal leans of the suns rays to bring your vision to life's rainbow light permeating all things of every moment of everyday? Radiation - Golden rays - Life's Breath awaits us every new day.

Animal Form Tai Chi Mongolian Inspiration - Spring Element - Black Bear Essence

Join Gian Dharam for a 72min practice of Breath and Movement gaining balance in the beauty of nature. Focus Breath, Generate Inner Heat, Stimulate blood flow, increase circulation and mobility of joints. Move with others, Within the Art-Form of your nature.

Lakeside Park, Nelson B.C. at the Brick Labyrinth near the Tennis courts.

11am - 12:12pm March 24th (Tuesday), 2020

A Practice of Deep Movement & Breathing - By Donation - Practice ends at 12:12pm 72min OUTDOORS!

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