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Bethlehem Star (SaturnJupiterConjunction) Upon Winter Solstice A Cosmic Omen Of Oneness Human Unity

Winters presence; "Our Time Today" Never before in our lives today has the Sky, Spirit, The Gods of a larger force we are all a part of; offered such a messenger, clarity, trust & faith; though most of all, "The Answer" we all know in our hearts forever... Unity.

We must believe, We must Intend, Seekers & Dreamers Focus Your lens...

All Cultures, Human Beings Living Together In Harmony... Wellness, Peace & Growth...

Gratitude to high gods & goddess's for this guidance & love... Planets, Stars and Galaxies spinning & spiraling, no ending, no beginning.

"No Coincidence", everything is eternally living... Forever Beings, Rainbow Beings, our golden age awaits our love... "WE" TOGETHER...

To The Star Nations, Our Galactic Family, Earths Family Calls To You. Join With Us Now, May All The Universe Join Together; "In Prayer" For Sanity In Harmony Among All Sentient Life Force... Universal Prayer Planetary Yoga... Gratitude... Presence... Love...

Weather The Image Above Is A Real Hubble Telescope Image Or Created Digitally, It Speaks From The Force, Spirit, God, Creation With The Most Elegance & Grace...

Saturn & Jupiter Conjunction...

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