• Gian Dharam

Bees Paths Of Pollen Higher Senses, Fairies Kingdom, A Song Of Increase, Together We Listen To Sound

True Understanding! We serve all the life awakening of natures will power, Celestial, Lunar and Earths energies within the Great & Sacred Seasonal Rotations. Upon our Great Mother Earth within the Four Winds, we hear the sounds of Creations Forces. "Together" we are stewards in our service becoming one with the great fertility of the lands.

The Full Moon Of Balance & Harmony... Libra... A Celebration Of Our Mothers & Fathers Fertility Birthing...

We are the Bees who live in the state of oneness with Below-Middle & Upper; all worlds seen and unseen. Together we listen to sound learning. In creating our sound together in harmony with that which we are hearing & seeing, all feelings. We become one with The Great Creation! Gratitude For Our Wise Teachers. Swarming In Radiant Health & Well Being Together. The healthy Hive Mind lives from within the "True Understanding" of the Hives Heart. A Healthy Hive Lives Within The True Understanding Of Creations Laws!

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Planetary Yoga... Spring Forth Fertility... Rise... Awaken...

Bang a Drum, Listen to the Heart Beat! Breath... Rattle, Wiggle a Little :)

Buzzing Bees One Heart Beat.

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