• Gian Dharam

Beaver Builder, Nurturer, Steward Of Life, Creating Space For Others, The Habitats Of Life; Empathic

Beaver's Medicine brings to the environment what is needed, even for the other creatures surrounding Beaver. Beaver is attentive to their needs & works hard to make sure all their friends well being is cared for and well vamped up. Abundance brings Beaver through their own love for the work they do. They provide what is most important for others. Beaver Stewards life even among insects & amphibians...

Beaver & Crocodile are much the same in sensing broadly & deeply among all creatures and there surroundings. Though unlike Crocodiles reptilian state, Beaver is a mammal with a much greater state of empathy, capable of feeling the lives of others and understanding their part in the whole of the ecosystem that continually feeds Crocodile's appetite alike all the appetites of the wet lands.

Beaver has the capacity for the big picture, the forethought & vision for future's creation, plus empathic in understanding all life's purpose & attentive to the life force that supports all of their creature friends throughout the seasons and the many cycles within them.

The Empathic Care Giving. A person is a person; a creature is a creature no matter how small with an intrinsic purpose so great for us all.

Love & Respect; The Big Picture, Voices From All... Planetary Yoga

Happy Happy New Year, New Life & New Beginnings For All...

One Love Squeaks Beaver Through Their Front Teeth, Paddled Tail Slapping Down... Smack! Listen Well...

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