• Gian Dharam

Bat-Upside down in caves womb Death&Rebirth accrue every time we sleep&re-awake to evenings tune

Introduction to Taoist Tai Chi - Planes of Movement and the Bodies Energy

This Friday May 22nd, 11am to 12:12pm - Lakeside Park, Nelson B.C. at the Brick Labyrinth near the Tennis courts. Bring head cover & gloves. Stay warm!

By Donation - Animal Form Inspired - Spring Element - Bat Essence

Aura - Clear, Invisible, Neutral/Neutrality, See Through!

Death & Rebirth everyday. Nothing needs to remain as it is. And Anything that we wish to change together can be done if we see good reason and wish it to. We do not need what is old, has caused harm and pain. Recognizing what is not serving and letting it go growing from the lessons received is the purpose of the pain. Flying into the void and dying emerging re-birthed to the world of both light and shadow with low vision or blind, Bat experience's the two, light and dark as equal parts of creation without polarity or judgement. They simply feel them as they are; frequencies of great creation and benefit from the lessons of both. Moment to moment everyday as it happens and is integrated, it is crucial for clarity, for clear senses to heighten for ones ability in echolocation. "They Navigate by Sound" !!!

This little creature is truly the master of what we two legged call the Shamanic Art of Living a good medicine walk (Spiritually Respectful). Like Bat Man

What an incredible gift this little nocturnal creature brings to us.

Bats Neutrality, Moving from our higher senses "Together as one" :)

Within the Art-Form of "your nature". 72min OUTDOORS!

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