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Attention Nelson, Cougar Cubs in Distress! If you spot one, Please Call Gian ASAP (250)-505-9628....

I will come immediately and do my best to track them... I will bring collars and leashes and healthy food they enjoy and do my best to lure the little ones to me... I have intimate experience with full grown wild Mountain Lions and have grown comfortable with there presence. These are just kittens, this is why they seem to have no fear of humans and they are hungry, confused and scared... There Mother was shot somewhere in Blewett BC do to taking down a farm animal, very unfortunate and this is the result to this judgement made. To problem cats, are how they are now looked at...

I will bring them to a secure location and gather what I need to travel up into the high mountains with a bow and the cubs on leash... Unfortunately, this is not my first time trying this do to another Large Mother Lion being shot Close to Nelson for taking down a wild deer in the upper community. So unnecessary and many others in the community learn and felt this as the deer carcass was pulled out onto the main trail above Nelson. I did not find her cubs, I believe they where second yearlings and had a better chance then these two now being seen in town, "But I do not doubt them"!

I know the provability of tracking and finding them with no traps will be difficult, but I am willing to look for them and welcome helpful knowledge from others with experience in this nature... I have all ready been out looking for them and hope to find them. About four nights ago, maybe five now, their were some gun shots near Gyro Park, make no mistake... I looked for conservation, but did not encompass the whole area and found nothing... Though I have seen the conservation officers truck around. I know he is protecting the community doing well, though I am hopeful still, he has not found them yet...

Point being, I'm out there, do give me a call please if you see them, as soon as you can... Gian Dharam Our Community... (250)-505-9628

Namaste, Mahalo Nui Loa, Much Respect and Gratitude... Thank You...

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