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Approaching Aquarius New Moon Chinese New Year. Feb.11 2021 Magic Within The Insect & Mineral Worlds

Pixie, Gnome, Fairy, Elemental Kingdoms. Bacteria Mycelium Mineral Pollen Pathways forming Ethers of Wonders Wellness Wilderness. Flora Fauna Forest Stone Portal Nodes. Broadleafs Fungi Gateways...

The Insect World exists within the harmonious space of creations forces...

At this time of year into the deepening darkening onto Winter's Solstice, we are literally dreaming our next four seasons of life together.

Remain in the deepest memory of your highest "feelings" of Love you have ever known! Feel, feel, feel your gratitude, remember & share and veer vigilantly from any fear...

Two more of Rocky Mountains "Art Walk Tribute" Spirit Animal Visitors to come during the Month of December 2020... The Month of Wild Turkeys Gratitude...

Planetary Yoga; Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude :) Ho'o'ponopono Around The World...

Love Everyone. Be Thankful For Everyone... Thank You...

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