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Appreciation, Gratitude, Respect Gobbles Wild Turkey's Recipes For Unconditional Love Ho'o'ponopono

Holding Turkey's Feathers, This Month Is The Dreaming Of Our Gratitude Creating Our Future's Year Coming... Universal Hawaiian Prayer Approaching This New Mahina (Moon) in Sagittarius and Total Solar Eclipse 8:15am-8:17am PST Monday Dec.14th... Healing Upon All Of Us... For Our New Year...

May All The World Pray Together For The Next Few Days:

I Love You. (We Are Oneness & Reflections Of Each Other)

I Am Sorry. (None Are Perfect & We All Need Forgiveness)

Please Forgive Me. (Higher Love Is Divine & Our True Nature As Cosmic Children)

Thank You. (Gratitude For All Life Apart Of Me That I Am Part)

I Love You. (Together We Are Whole)

One Earth... One Sky Above... One People... Our New Rainbow World...

Ho’o’ponopono- There is only presence, one moment, an eternal Breath forever...

We Are The Rainbow Light Eternal Here to Remember & Set Things Right!

All Of Us Together...

New Earth Family, Real Conscious Humans Rising Happy New Mahina (Moon)

Thank You For Forever... Paint With The Winds :)

Winter Book Study at Planetary Yoga:

Mutant Message Down Under...

Mutant Message from Forever: A Novel of Aboriginal Wisdom...

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