• Gian Dharam

Ants Patients, Tolerance, Honer, Respect. All Powers Among Ants Tribe Are Held Sacred Endeared Equal

All serve a queen whom serves the environment for all. Ants and Bees Medicine is truly foundational to all creation's life support systems, Mother Earths & all peaceful human gathers of a harmonious nature. The type you do not wish to leave after experiencing. A freedom yet neutrality among all.

"All is equal in its constant of changing form".

Discipline, devotion and cooperation is witnessed among the ant families resilience and abilities to frequently adapt to changes within the environment. Ants medicine is how new worlds are formed, "Wisdom" Embodied by a tribe constant throughout many processes of it's own evolution. Ant is a builder with grate strategy and patients, aggressive stamina, yet very observant, thoughtful and even generous well working things out! All this can been seen in the ant family if one is watching closely. Ant Embodies much of the animal kingdoms strengths with little vulnerability, even when being so small. Ants like many Ancestor Human Tribes trust the universe and earth will always provide inherent to our own inner knowing. This is how Pyramids are built and how civilizations endure in peace & harmony throughout great transformation.

The Insect Realm is Truly the Magical Kingdom of Mineral Migrations within the grounds & Pollination among the winds Around Our World. No Chemical Use World Wide. Balance the Spirit Between the Animal Kingdom & Humanity returning to our garden, our divinity.

This is Real, True & Necessary... Listen to Mother Earth Speaks the Ants...

Planetary Yoga...

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