• Gian Dharam

Ancient Knowing Sturgeon Realm, Deep Mountains Lakes Caverns, Water Moving through Earth Underground


Our Last Spirit Animal Visitor for the Nelson British Columbia Art Walk Tribute...

Ending our Current Behavior... Logging, Mining, All water pollution and chemical use, Fracking, "5G & Vaccines" and so on...

Listen to The Water is Sturgeon's Message!

Movie Study for your next evening of deep contemplation & consideration present upon these times... Planetary Yoga Movie Study Tonight...!

Chosen Documentary: "Water";

The Great Mystery

Doctor Masaru Emoto - Messages From Water...


This Link will only take you to an image of the cover of the Documentary to be studied and contemplated... Gratitude... You will probably have to purchase this somewhere...!

Priceless :) Is Water Alive? Consciousness In Water?

Contemplation: The Rice Experiment, Three Glass Blows of Rice? This is something you can easily try on your own... And others have :))) What Is It?

The formation of the consciousness in the water molecule within the -5 centigrade environment; maybe much the same as viewing saliva or blood through a microscope?

Macro to Micro like Quantum to Astral Physics... The Larger Body Observing May Have An Effect...???

Sturgeon Ancient Messenger of The Fresh Waters Deep...

Much Much Much More in This Beautiful Must See in the present Age Documentary...

Speak Well To The Water In One Another, in your blood, in the earth, in the air we breath and all other beings living... Oneness Planetary Yoga...

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