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Alligators Integration/Assimilation/Adaptation, Cool Damp Skin, Hardened Body, Ancient Worlds within

Shamanic Journey within your Alligator Skin, Waning half moon waters of Cancer, Spirit Guides Looking Beyond The Vail for answer... Just One drop of nectar, one glimpse or whiff of this world where all began, all life in unison. Nothing will ever seem as it was for you again clear of confusion. Look into my eye's, tell me what you feel and the visions you see, invoke the truth within you freely.

It is important to be grateful for life on a larger scale, and to learn of the powerful gift it is, in obtaining the perspective to fully appreciate and value all life in all moments. This is Alligators medicine through Integration, Assimilation and Adaptation. Only our eye's and nostrils remain above the water, our body is submerged in stillness sensing all our surroundings from our expanded sensory system of pure feeling in the moment, every nerve ending communing with our surroundings. The life admired as sentient friends in there state of beauty...

The Mystics Month, Vail's are thin Moving towards Libra new moon, spirit guides awaken within October's beauty & gloom listen to your inner tune...

Grow your damped wet filmed smooth Alligator Skin, Green Illuminated by the light within speckled black camouflage for the void we rest in...

Swim with your Alligator... Planetary Yoga

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