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Abundance Exists in Trusting Nature and Each Other In All Things, Buffalo Speaks to the Two Legged.

Approaching the Taurus New Mahina (Moon)

Tuesday April 21st Week 6 of 8 (11am) - Introduction to Taoist Tai Chi

Planes of Movement and the Bodies Energy. Grounding - Strength and Stability in Loving. Grounding Spiritual Roots. Purple Aura.

Stability, feeling safe, being grounded and rooted in life's circumstances is part of the majestic Bull or Giant Buffalo's voice speaking to us. Finding strength in home and family is so important remembering what truly matters in living a good life happy and joyful for the most part among one another smiling. It is from this point of peace, focused attention that we may move back towards our precious humanity we all cherish and love with a new light for everything we hold so dear, remembering; it is us! We do all this together. Let's listen to one another and create the new world we are all longing for in our hearts. Prayers upon a new moon coming.

Purple Aura, purple light, insightful, intuitive, a shade of vision in night

(Seeing in the darkness) (A light at the end of every dark tunnel), a new age of this nature is growing and readying for flight blinding potential so bright.

An earthy color purple red within, a warmth in feeling, where both edges of the rainbow touch, is never seen, where it begins and is said a rainbow never ends!

Leprechaun's Gold speak of this light, this place, this state

Where berries bliss blesses nourishing soul face delight,

A trusting in knowing that wisdom takes place when knowledge is flowing,

life can be a little sweet, honoring stamping are feet finding the freshest grass to nurture and eat.

May we find a open mindedness and heart space we have never allowed ourselves to share, "yet"!

Big Love Hug. Happy New moon approaching in Taurus. Earth.

Tuesday April 21st, 11am to 12:12pm - Grounding, strength & Stability, growing roots.

Lakeside Park, Nelson B.C. at the Brick Labyrinth near the Tennis courts. Bring head cover & gloves. Stay warm

Animal Form Tai Chi Mongolian Inspiration - Spring Element - Buffalo Essence

Join Gian Dharam for a 72min practice of Breath and Movement gaining balance in the beauty of nature. Focus Breath, Generate Inner Heat, Stimulate blood flow, increase circulation and mobility of joints. Move with others, Within the Art-Form of your nature.

A Practice of Deep Movement & Breathing - By Donation - Practice ends at 12:12pm 72min OUTDOORS!

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