• Gian Dharam

A Dream With Ancestors, A Spirit Walk Between Worlds Guided By The Stars & Ones Who Live Among Them!

Thank You To The Artist Whom Is In Love With These Whales. Orca Orca Orca - Aho!

In Deep Spaces, I See Smiling Faces, Sing This Story To Your Human Race! An Aboriginal Way To Live By The Sun Moon & Stars Night & Day. The Blue Planet Turtle Island (Mother Earth) A Sacred Life Rebirth To Stay Spinning Around A Sun Spiraling Forward In A Galaxy Milky Way, A Drop Of Water In A Cosmos Ocean Sway. The Dream Way

If you have been following the Blogs here with Planetary Yoga. You will know now for well many years, I have been spirit walking in the middle world. Experiences of many forms; Communion upon many planes; Time traveling through many lives dimensional states in frames. "Hearing Voices Of The Earths Spirits & Cosmic Forces Among Many Smiling Faces Changing Constant Among Many Places. A Whole New Perspective Of What Time & Space Is"...

Ascended Master, Aboriginal Elders Sitting In Deep Meditation Upon Mother Earths Sacred Places, Ancestral Spirit those who came before us and those who will come after us; Have spoken to me this past New Moon, A New Sound, A New Name, Vibration, Tune: Olm

As An Aboriginal, the sound we carry changes, or can change many times throughout ones life. It does so in relationship to meaning in feeling throughout the constant process of transmutation that is life. To us, it is very odd and a little amusing when others resist this process :) We focus upon a eloquence of language, a grace in our demeanor and character in good spirit. A connection within & twinkle within ones eye's.

I was once told that I am a bird and I must never stop singing! They Now Tell Me... You Are Still A Bird, But Now You Swim In The Great Ocean & Your Sound Is From The Deep... Olm - They tell me that other names will be given yet to come as the many names you have carried before now.

I am told to share & to speak without shame!

Pleiades Star Nation, Planetary Yoga, Gian Olm Dharam

Rainbow Nations Upon Turtle Island.

The Blue Planet Mother Earth Within The Cosmos Ocean.

Thank You! Mahalo Nui Loa, Namaste, Aho... Rainbow Light All Oneness... Thank You

Everything! Wahe Guru... Love! It's Real! Dream Heart Open In Appreciation. Orca Chief!

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