• Gian Dharam

8 Limbs Weaving Infinity. Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi. Yoga

Kundalini Yoga. Divine love for all creation... It grows when it is shared... Most joyful Black Mahina; "New Moon Weaving" with the fabrics of creation. Have the courage to face the fears that hold yourself back and that hold others back from creating the world we all know in our hearts is the higher path & evolution of our great and ever growing humanity. Look into the shadow, laugh and love who you are and know we are all the same in this sense though infinitely unique. Life is multifaceted, plus dimensional & from a spiritual point of view, comparison is absolutely useless the elders will tell you. Though, this is priceless in the value received in reflection, inspiration whether perceived positive or negative and the personal growth that takes place when showing up present and honorable for life is the path being placed before you. All our relations. We are here to learn from our history, continue to grow and continue to change. The Aquarian Age, where the old meets the new. New Discoveries are made. A new balance is formed. A new way of living together upon our planet and a new alphabet is birthed. A language of living light, of dimension, sacred of creations geometry, sound and magnetic connectivity... Our Cosmic Reality!

Spider Is A Reminder To The Two Legged... Humans Weave There Web Of Life Together As One & It Is Now Time For The Fifth World Peace, The Golden Light, The Golden Age. The Time Of The Rainbow Family Upon Mother Earth.

Oneness! One Focus, One Flame!

Many Drops of Water, One Ocean. One Love!

Planetary Yoga... The Brown Recluse...

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