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3YearsOfAge, WeAllAre. Within We Connect To The Little Child Inside. Our Emotion Consciousness, Soul

Time for all things to grow & learn of Dimension expanding understanding & Faith. Remember Gentleness, A warm hug from Mother, A good days rest, A warm glass of fresh squeezed Lemons with Honey. Remember appreciation for each other. Compassion is the wave of the future for all that is living. To do so, is to truly be alive in the world. So we must be strong & honorable in stepping forward towards a Healing Culture & Reprieve for our Mother Earth from a misguided sense of production in a unhealthy state of being. Ho'o'ponopono, Right Relations...

Calling Upon The Insect World; Rise from the earths and Cosmic Dusts In Springs Fertility taking form. Shower your Magic's of creation upon the Earth to share with us your essence, your purpose, your love for our awakening to all life's abundance & Freedom.

Teach Us Of What Real Power Truly Is... The Magical Worlds Returning...

Peace is obtained through respect & understanding. The ability to listen and grow...

The More We Take, The Less We Have...

Planetary Yoga... No Chemicals, No Pesticides, No Negative Vibrations World Wide!

Now Practice Laugh Yoga;

Chi Cheeks - Lift your cheek bones as high as you can & smile for 5 to 11 minutes. Focused Breath In & Out in rhythm & equilibrium. See What Happens :)

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Gian Dharam
Humanity and the Natural World.
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