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My Story - Still in construction.
Gian is very well versed in ancestral traditions, written history, healing modalities and natural remedies. I am a spiritual guide, a counselor through the process of a physical discipline. I help others find the answers to there own questions and offer continued support in doing so. Young men and woman who are awakening and men and woman like myself who are unraveling re-birthing everyday. May we grow strong together. Authenticity lives in these intentions and I focus on creating events all can afford as regular as I can. Available within community. Thank you. 
Meet Gian Dharam


Gian Dharam is a unique yoga enthusiast and practitioner of the of The Eight Limbs of Yoga, the Octopus of Consciousness he enjoys expressing. Gian is also a certified Stott Pilates instructor increasing his knowledge and wisdom of the third and fourth limb (Asana & Pranayama) of the Yogic Octopus, his devotion to his chosen discipline. Pratyahara; the withdrawal of the senses, relates to Shuniya. Gian likes the reference Zero, a clear mind enabling the ability to listen to ones emotional intelligence which naturally allows Dharana; a personal understanding and clearing of an energy that is no longer serving you, a lifetime endeavor Gian giggles. This can lead to Dhyana; meditation which is ones own personal experience of the universe where conception can take place and allow release and healing for the individual. This is a personal accomplishment which each individual obtains for ones self. One can only measure ones self through introspection of their outward actions towards others which includes are daily thinking, the practice of prayer. We are not meant to judge one another in this regard, only honest and clear communication in the highest respect for the other will encourage positive growth in relationship. This requires healthy boundaries, patients, tolerance and elevating ones self beyond entitlement and self worth when with each other. A lofty goal for any human being Gian states firmly, so we must not be critical or edgy with one another and lean towards deep listening, empathy and understanding is Gian's hope among all humans world wide, all cultures and our traditions in which Gian enjoys more then he feels he can express in words. Taking part in all traditional festivities among all cultures world wide throughout all time is a healthy beginning for a new world emerging Gian believes. This is vast, requires an open mind and the ability to listen to what are children say and express within their freedom to do so. 20 years have past in depth, in practice and teaching. Their is nothing more enjoyable then self discovery, claiming your personal freedom, entering one's body and stepping on the path of self care. Kindling for an inner flame of self love.



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