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Gian is very well versed in ancestral traditions, written history, healing modalities and natural remedies. I am a spiritual guide, a counselor through the process of a physical discipline. I help others find the answers to there own questions and offer continued support in doing so. Young men and woman who are awakening and men and woman like myself who are unraveling re-birthing everyday. May we grow strong together. Authenticity lives in these intentions and I focus on creating events all can afford as regular as I can. Available within community. Thank you. 

Greetings to you and welcome. Since I was little, I have always been engaged with my physical body, active within my mother before birth, to escaping the crib throughout the late evenings and early mornings more often than not during my early years of life. As I grew, I naturally gravitated towards any physical activity of intrigue I could. Upon completing my education within the school systems, this trend continued in how I took to my community and discovered a useful service that felt authentic. After much hard work of the same nature, aquatic fitness, life guarding, personal training and more, I was encouraged by an elder to move deeper into healing modalities, I landed myself within a Stott Pilates instructor course becoming fully certified while continuing all of the above.

After opening a business to serve and practice for a number of years, the inner calling to discover more continued leading me to Kundalini Yoga and meditation opening myself wide to spiritual devotion. What took place was quite profound and as I deepened my sense of self



Digestive wellness

Food allergies & intolerance

Healthy cooking / meal planning


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Gian Dharam
Humanity and the Natural World.
Returning to Oneness.

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