Holistic Yoga

Self Healing Specialist
"Way Finding"
Knowledge & Wisdom Guidance & Counsel
Spiritual Medium 

Healing Modalities
Kundalini Yoga

Pilates Instruction
Physical Discovery
Rehabilitation Specialist
 Wild Foods Nutritionist
  Edible Plants & Fungi
Improving Life Through Applied Knowledge; Blossoming Wisdom.

Business Consulting
Health & Wellness


Business Consulting

Creating a nurturing Space

The energy within your environment and its flow. The subtle properties of your environment. Cost efficiency, quality, longevity and environmental impact. Within our space and time, May Peace Find Us Together :)



Sacred Earth

White Bentonite Clay

Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms

Sacred Earth - White Bentonite Clay - Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms


Seasonal Growth

Raw Living Garden Goods

Fresh From the Vine

Nature Walks & Wild Food Integration.
Nutritional Consultant;

Wild Edible Foods & Mushrooms

Medicinal Herbalist;

Wild Remedies

Plants & Fungi

Throughout the passing of the seasons, there is so much that surrounds us available  to nurture our bodies and state of being. Every region, climate and micro climate has much to discover. A magical garden of abundance in living relationships existing in our natural world. The Alphabet of Living Life.      Aboriginal Wisdom